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RICB Ltd has been on the market for its third year as a scientific research institution with a focus on the development of live science. RICB Ltd has at present 4 employees. Our core business is the research area of proteins - proteomics. The company has experts in biochemistry, biology and bioinformatics. The headquarters, based in Kosice Slovakia, is where our research laboratory is based, and where the majority of our business is performed.


Headquarters RICB Ltd. in Košice, Moskovska trieda 3.


The laboratory contains a vast array of equipment, necessary for the isolation and culture of cells and the detection of quantitative and qualitative parameters of proteins. Furthermore, we also use techniques for the purification of proteins.

All things considered, the company has all the relevant software and hardware for applications in the field of bioinformatics. As a result, we have experience in being an outsourced contractor for pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnological companies.

RICB’s goal is to strengthen our presence in the market, both nationally and internationally, and to establish ourselves more to foreign markets and forge partnerships with other companies as well as to strengthen our position with new technologies and innovative high-tech solutions.


Organisation structure of RICB Ltd.:  

  • Marian Petrovic, PhD. - CEO
  • Dipl. Ing. Stanislav Pecuch – CFO, external economic advisor
  • Andrej Petrovic – IT expert
  • Veronika Kovacova, PhD. - clinical biochemistry expert
  • Marian Babincak, B.SC. - expert in clinical biology
  • Peter Bober, PhD. - biochemistry expert


The company has offices in these countries:

  • Headquarter FL – Landstrasse 104, FL – 9490 Vaduz
  • Headquarter SK – Moskovska trieda 3, SK - 040 23 Košice


The company strategy is focused on being one of the best companies in area of proteomics in the field of pharmacy. Our plan is within 5 years to rapidly expand. We will achieve this, first of, all through our know- how, second of all, with the production of our own detection system and third through outsourcing. The management team of RICB consists of members with many years of experience in the area of live science research. The team possesses multidisciplinary knowledge, which enables us to possibility solve a wide spread number of problems in such fields as Live Science, Electrochemistry, Mathematics, IT and Physics. Our company is focused on achieving worthwhile results based on research with high added value. We are looking forward to keeping up this philosophy. We believe that we have sufficient experience, know-how, human resources and equipment to achieve a breakthrough in terms of establishing ourselves on the market combined with an increase in turnover and earnings.

RICB s.r.o. have in it laboratory on Moskovska trieda 3, Kosice, Slovakia has available all necessary equipment, which is needed for dealing with scientific problems in the area of live science.



For dealing with cells and cell culturing we have available a Nikon inverse phase microscope, a HeraSafe biological safety cabinet (class II), a Sanyo biological CO2 incubator, a SW Scientific biological glove box for culturing cells in different atmospheres, a Hereaus centrifuge with a large capacity (centrifugal force to 4000 g) as well as with a small working capacity (up to 20 000 g) and other additional equipment like a Haake water bath, a Merkc-Millipore unit for preparing ultra pure water, a Beckman Coulter 2 laser flow cytometer for checking the qualitative and quantitative parameter of cells and a BioRad electroporation system for transferring gene vectors into cells.  



For isolation of target protein the company has an Invitrogen horizontal electrophoresis system and Major Science vertical electrophoresis system for isolation of proteins and DNAs. We also have in situ a BioRad preparative low pressure chromatography system for preparing final proteins.



For determining the concentration of proteins we use a TECAN plate reader. For final checks of protein quality and quantity we use a mass spectrometry system. This system consists of an Agilent Technologies nitrogen generator, an Edwards vacuum pump and a Bruker micro TOF Mass Spectrometer.



The company has available a server system for the evaluation of measured data. To enable us to perform this we use 4 Hewlett Packard servers with the total of 53 CPU cores and 120 GB of RAM, which is more than sufficient for our work. RICB has all the relevant software and hardware for applications in the field of bioinformatics.


In addition to this development base, RICB Ltd. collaborates with important external experts in relevant fields. This cooperation does not only focus in Slovakia, but also maintains close working contacts with experts in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Hong Kong, the USA among many others.

Some of our collaborating partners include:


UPJS University in Košice www.upjs.sk
Technical university in Košice www.tuke.sk
Univerzität Bern www.unibe.ch
Slovak academy of sciences www.sav.sk
Merck-Millipore www.merckmillipore.com
Evonik Industries www.evonik.com
International Clinical Research Center (ICRC) www.fnusa-icrc.org


RICB s.r.o., Moskovská trieda 3, 040 23 Košice, Slovenská republika
+421 911 847 847

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